How do you cook? How to eat? at Japanese convenience store products.


Hi,how are you?

My name is dokujoA(meaning single(独) woman(女),and my initial “A”),from Tokyo Japan.


Do you like convenience store in japan?

And do you like ramen?

This time, I would like to introduce a simple method of cooking delicious ramen from a famous restaurant sold at a convenience store in Japan(”Seven-Eleven”).

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How to cook? You to eat?

Super easy, only 4 steps.


check the display

✅消費期限(Shohi kigen)=Expiration date of food that can be eaten safely.

with this label, you can eat safely until February 9, 2020.

This is important,so be sure to check date.

✅レンジ加熱目安(Denshirengi  kanetu  meyasu)=Approximate for microwave heating.

✅500W 5分30秒=5 minute and 30 seconds for 500W

✅1500W 1分50秒=1 minute and 50 seconds for 1500W

Most accommodations in Japan have microwaves,so if you can’t find them,ask the staff.

“dennshirenngi wo tukaitai”=I want use a microwave.


Heat in the microwave. No need to remove film etc.

Set W switching and time.

Since the operation differs depending on the model, if you are not sure, ask the hotel staff etc.

電子レンジの使い方がわかりません。代わりにセットして下さい。(Denshirenji no tukaikata ga wakarimasen. Kawarini set sitekudasai.)= I do not know how to use the microwave. Please set instead.

💡If you want to love it yourself, Google Translate’s camera input function can help.


Take it out of the microwave, peel off the film, and remove the lid.

If you flip or tilt the cup, the soup will spill and scald you. Be sure to work at the table.


It is finally finish!

Slide the inner lid and put the needles and ingredients into the cup containing the soup.

This is complete!

Use the chopsticks or fork you received at the time of purchase to eat deliciously.

This is the ramen that appeared this time.

This is the tonkotsu(pork-bone/really thick) ramen and supervise of Ippudo,a popular ramen restaurant.

You can eat it for only about 500yen and the calorie is 536kcal.

💡Not only Ippudo ramen but also ramen,soba(buckwheat noodles)and beef bowl etc, sold at convenience stores in Japan(Lawson FamilyMart etc) are almost the same way of eating, so it is convenient to memember.

💡The price in about same,which is super cheap.

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That’s all!

How was it?

Recommended when you are hungry suddenly or want to enjoy products unique to convenience stores in Japan.

I wish you a better trip in Japan.


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